The Future of Owning a Masterpiece



Decentralized, direct asset ownership secured in the blockchain.


Secure and easy solutions to buy, sell and directly co-own (no fund, no special company or other complicated structure or indirect ownership) specific parts of any high value asset – especially fine art.


High value, blue chip fine art of highest quality and providence.


pARTicipart operates according to the Liechtenstein legal system – benefiting from the world’s first „Blockchain Act“.

Welcome to Liechtenstein.

Our residence


Nestled in the alps between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is a small, but very innovative member of the United Nations, the European Free Trade Association, and the Council of Europe. Economically, Liechtenstein has one of the highest gross domestic products per person in the world and since 2020, offers the world’s first comprehensive „Blockchain Act“, which regulates trustworthy financial transactions (including co-ownership of
art). More here
This unique law and the abundance of exclusive, high-end museums and art collections makes Liechtenstein the ideal home base for your co-owned masterpieces. Welcome to Liechtenstein.

Just below the castle

The offices of pARTicipart are located in the „House of Blockchain“, located just a few hundred meters below the castle of the Prince of Liechtenstein. Here, the cutting edge legislation of the „Blockchain Act“ is used to offer new forms of decentralized, blockchain-secured ownership and financing to  companies and individuals. Thanks to the „Blockchain Act“ you can now DIRECTLY OWN A PART of our masterpieces. Before this law was passed, companies and individuals had only the option to hold shares in a „second company“. Up until this law, this „second company“ owned the object as a whole – the people never owned the object. They only owned shares in the company that did. With pARTicipart now you DIRECTLY OWN a part of your masterpiece. This is not just great emotionally. It also comes with many financial benefits. No management. No hidden fees. No selfish decisions by others who just manage their own interests. What we do is enable you to directly own the pART of the masterpiece you love!

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