The Future of Owning a Masterpiece



pARTicular questions need pARTicular answers

Everything you need to know about pARTicipart


All our art is secured by both human experts and artificial intelligence (AI). In this process, an ultra high-resolution photo of a small part of a single brushstroke or another ultra small detail of the entire picture is taken and unalterably stored on the blockchain. In any following transaction, artificial intelligence compares this stored high-resolution detail to a second picture taken on site. Only if all details are the same, does the A.I. approves the transaction. This way, the identity and originality of all our masterpieces are not only checked by the usual human expertise and documentation, but are also authenticated by AI .


From the moment you secure your pARTicle reservation, you will get access to a digital augmented reality (AR) “print” of your masterpiece. This allows you to place a high-quality digital picture of the masterpiece onto any photo on your mobile phone.  So, you can sit in your room/car/office/plane and put your Picasso on the wall. Look and enjoy, or share it with friends.


The best way to contact us is via email A chat bot function via messenger will soon be available. Or, you can contact our office at: The House of Blockchain, at pARTicipart AG, Dr. Grass-Strasse 12, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Phone: +43 1 3117030.


The blockchain is a decentralized data storage system, that is extremely secure and very easy to operate. Your own art ownership will be stored on millions of computers, all over the world. The access to this data is secured by a private “key”, that only you will have. This key will be given to you immediately after your pARTicle reservation.

5NFC Chip

All our masterpieces are secured with a high tech NCF chip that directly links the art to the blockchain. The museum secures the art in the real world, pARTicipart in addition, creates a digital twin, that is also secured on the blockchain. Starting with the smART investor level and up, this double security is topped by a third chip. Double secured, triple chipped, and super easy to use: all you need is our smART phone app.

6Expert Certificate

All our masterpieces come with full documentation and certification. In addition, we have our own experts verify the authenticity of each masterpiece. Finally, all human expertise is double secured with a sophisticated artificial intelligence program. Instead of an authentication process by human or machine, pARTicipart secures all art by human PLUS machine.


All our masterpieces are ultra-high level works of art crafted by high value masters or art only. Those so-called blue-chip pieces traditionally are a very secure investment, often outperforming stock markets and other forms of investments. Top level art more or less never loses value – and only keeps gaining.

8Sister Print

An investment at the “valued pARTner” level and up secures you a limited-edition sister print of your masterpiece.  Like the original in the museum, this sister print is secured with a unique NFC chip and a digital twin on the blockchain. The print is authenticated by TRUST YOUR GOODS a high level Austrian blockchain and authentication specialist.


TRUST YOUR GOODS is an Austrian based luxury and high value goods authentication company, specialized on creating digital certificates of authentication by securing with digital computer chips, digital ID twins and storage on the blockchain. The client base includes not just art, but a broad spectrum of luxury goods ranging from drinks to sportscars.

10Trusted payment

All higher payments are secured with a short authentication process requiring a brief and easy video call and a picture ID. This guarantees speed, safety and legality of all transactions. All you need is a computer with camera, yourself and a valid picture ID.

11Secured Ownership

Your pARTicile ownership is secured in 3 unique ways, that create both a physical and digital safety bubble around your investment. All original masterpieces are securely stored in special art safe environment not only for storage but also during shipping. Most art is ultimately on display in a top museum in Liechtenstein and can be visited for free by particle owners. In addition to this, all masterpieces are additionally secured with a high-tech NFC chip that links the real masterpiece to its digital twin on the blockchain. This means each masterpiece is secured twice: once in the real world and once digitally.

The third key defines our TRIPLE SAFTEY concept:  each pARTicle gets a unique token on the blockchain, that can easily be accessed via NFC chip for smART investors level and up. Easy staRTers can access the blockchain without NFC. ONLY IF ALL THREE KEYS FIT the masterpiece can change ownership.


After purchase all physical art is professionally stored, secured and often on display in a museum in Liechtenstein. The digital twin is secured on the blockchain. The link between physical and digital identity cannot be broken and ensures the highest level of security available on eARTh  today.

13Your profit

After purchasing your pARTicle the value of your masterpiece is very likely to go up.  You can sell your pARTicle on the pARTicipart platform at all our official purchasing events, getting your profit within a week of your sale. Of course you can also sell your pARTicle privately if you like. Full pARTicipart guarantees only apply to our official events.  All sales and (new) ownerships will be registered on the blockchain. A blockchain data alternations fee will apply. Since this fee might fluctuate due to market feel free contact us at

14Dream Numbers

As a club member you can secure your dream numbers (lucky numbers, special numbers, birthday dates, anniversary dates etc.) for free. For lower investments a dream number reservation fee applies.


Immediately after your purchase order, pARTicipart secures your reservation of your pARTicle and even you DREAM NUMBER on the blockchain. This reservation will automatically become a proof of ownership after the sales price of the masterpiece is reached. All reservation can be canceled for free.


Immediately after your purchase order, pARTicipart secures your reservation of your pARTicle and even you DREAM NUMBER on the blockchain. This reservation will automatically become a proof of ownership after the sales price of the masterpiece is reached. In addition to being able to sell their pARTicle at a higher value, all owners have the right to vote on the future of the masterpiece they co-own. The 50% + 1 vote counts and is applicable to all co-owner decisions, including the sale of the entire masterpiece at a (higher) set price.

17Ownership Levels

You have the choice of 3 +1 levels of ownership.
Easy stARTer: is the perfect entry level for high fun, low commitment engagement. This level starts at 1/80.000  of the total value: with a 40 Million € masterpiece = 500 €
smART investor: pARTicle value 1/8.000  of the total value; with a 40 Million € masterpiece = 5.000 €
valued pARTner: pARTicle value 1/800 of the total value; with a 40 Million € masterpiece = 50.000 €
CLUB/senARTor: pARTicle value starting at a minimum 250.000 € or 1/ 200 of the total value for ultra-high value masterpieces

Each  level comes with unique benefits and voting rights – for more see separate Wiki entry. The levels are fix! This means 10 Easy stARTer do not sum up to 1 smART investor. This helps you and your investment to stay flexible: you can sell 1 or 2 Easy stARTer  and keep 8 or 9 if you like.


High value owners like high value connections. That’s why pARTicipart established the membership offers a wide range of privileges starting at owning a 250.000 € value or more- even if spread out over various masterpieces. Contact our office to learn more about the special application process and the high value benefits.

19Voting rights

pARTicipart is highly democratic. As of the smART investor level, each pARTicle gives you voting rights, starting with 1 vote per pARTicle at smART investor, 10 votes per pARTicle at the valued pARTner level and 50 votes per pARTicle for Club members – our senARTors. Your vote can determine the future of your co-owned painting including it’s sale as a whole – say to a museum. All decisions follow the 50% plus 1 vote principle – if 50% plus 1 vote decide in a certain direction, that’s the way we go. You are the owner! You decide!



Contact us if you have more questions:

pARTicipart AG
Dr. Grass-Strasse 12
9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein