The Future of Owning a Masterpiece



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“The price for high-end art keeps rising, and this continue$”, says Walter Freller, Austrian art dealer at the „Art & Antigues Fair“ in Salzburg, Austria (August 8th – August 16th 2020 – Austrian ORF describes the pandemic as a crisis of health, economy and social life, but a strong driver of the art-market. This is because the value of art does not correlate with regular economic indicators, like the price of oil. Investing in fine art beautifies your life, your home and your financial portfolio.

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  • Artlover88

    Very coolenarticle

  • Artlover88

    Very interesting article. The art market works on its own. Separate from other markets

    • Well spotted! The art market develops really completely independent from other economic developments.

  • montpellier-Eric

    Great insight. I can not read the German , but the English summery is good. I will stay tuned and will be happy to invest. Art is secure and booming

  • Bailey B

    I love art and being able to own a piece of art is a fantastic opportunity! When will you start selling? Kind regards BB

    • Thank you Bailey B. We will start selling as soon as October 2020. Stay tuned!

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