The Future of Owning a Masterpiece



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In the art world, without the proper channels of authentication, even the most authentic-looking masterpiece, could in some cases turn out to be a fake.

Fortunately, there are ways to make sure that authenticity claimed is authenticity delivered. In the art world, proper and full documentation of sales and ownership history, repeated checks by top global experts, and the use of ultra high-tech scanning methods and Artificial Intelligence are the norm when securing the authenticity of the artwork acquired. In today’s world, experts and high-tech detectives can reveal the secrets of paintings with unparalleled security. But one questions remains: while the tests for authentication may be flawless, couldn’t the documents proving originality be forged? Couldn’t the documents from experts or even the digital analysis be faked? Not any more!

Just as more and more top universities around the world prove academic titles by backing up their paper diplomas with a second, unforgeable, digital document of the same diploma in the blockchain, pARTicipart uses the blockchain to create a “digital twin” of every physical proof of authenticity and ownership. Only if both the physical and the digital copy state the same information, this information is deemed true. You might be able to forge the “physical papers,” but it is practically impossible to “alternate” the digital-twin of the same document saved on the blockchain.

This is because information on the blockchain is not stored in just one place, but has millions of copies in millions of places. This “de-centralization” of information is a huge advantage to the security of anything stored on the blockchain. This is topped by the fact that anything written on the blockchain, cannot be changed in retrospect. You can add new information. But you can never change old blocks. In short: the blockchain is like a book, with millions of copies, all written in stone.


Accessing the digital twin

You might then ask, how can I access this digital twin, and can this access be faked? The answers are: EASY, and NO!

Access to the blockchain is easy. All you need to do is hold your phone next to the authentication card that we send you. Your unique pARTicipart card is powered by the technology of the Austrian company TRUST YOUR GOODS and not only shows a picture and some information of the masterpiece you co-own, but also has an embedded and unique chip, linking you directly to the right “place” on the blockchain.


pARTicipart and TRUST YOUR GOODS created the highest level of security with the highest ease of access possible today.

But, could a forger somehow manage to copy the chip? Perhaps, with enough hard-core high-tech expertise, one might be able to copy the chip. HOWEVER we’ve built in a fail-safe mechanism to detect these fake chips.

This brings us to the final question: could a forger fake the read-out on his/her phone? YES, one could fake a readout on a phone, like a magician with a magic deck of cards, but not on all other phones. One cannot manipulate all decks of cards, all over the world at the same time, to show the same result.



In addition to the security of full documentation, the use of human expertise and the reassurance of ultra high-tech screening, each masterpiece that pARTicipart offers for co-ownership is authenticated using the highest level of standards and methods available in the art-world, today. By offering the unparalleled security of the blockchain pARTicipart in cooperation with TRUST YOUR GOODS created an extra level of security. Your gateway to all of this is your unique pARTicipart-card, embedded with a secured chip, accessible in full only via the TRUST YOUR GOODS App. All of this combined will let you enjoy your masterpiece to the fullest, because it is a 100% clear that the piece you own really is of high value and truly is an original.

Image Source: Vincent Nogueira

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