The Future of Owning a Masterpiece



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Perception of luxury and what defines it has changed dramatically for younger generations in China. Some see luxury purchases as an investment, bringing them to value some heritage brands over others according to their “longevity” factor. Obviously, you will find the most proven longevity of “luxury products” in fine art. The value of a “brand name”-masterpiece increases dramatically over time.  This is why “the wealthy” have always invested in fine art, building strong, exceedingly valuable art collections.

pARTicipart enables you to tap into this world, by allowing you to actually OWN A PART of blue-chip masterpiece. This is both a smart investment and – in the eyes of many – a very attractive, enticing accessory.  Even the most extravagant designer brand will have a hard time to out-cool a Picasso.

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Image Source: Vincent Nogueira

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